J.A.N. Associates Ltd becomes Canon camera distributor for Bangladesh

Because of its commitment, loyalty, service and a strong distribution channel across the country, the company has been successful in representing Canon for over a decade in the country.
“We want Canon cameras to become the number 1 digital camera brand in Bangladesh, so that when customers think of digital cameras, they think of Canon and J.A.N. Associates,” says Abdullah H Kafi, the Chief Executive Officer of J.A.N. Associates Ltd. The company is going to set up camera service centres in the country very soon. A local team has already been sent for overseas training on the service delivery.
By the end of January J.A.N. Associates will officially launch Canon ICP products in the country. The company promises to bring in the latest cameras at the earliest possible time with a competitive price.
“We know that our country has many talented and professional photographers. As we introduce Canon camera accepting yet another challenge to develop its market, a significant portion of which targets the media itself, we urge the government through media to support us break the divide and allow a friendly market,” says Kafi. The company assures that its prices will always be competitive from other markets if the government comes forward to develop a friendly market by reducing import duty structure, he says.
A three-day workshop including a press conference which began from November 20 had delegates from Canon’s regional headquarter in Singapore demonstrate and discuss some of Canon’s latest camera models and technologies. Over a dozen of Canon’s new camera models were put on display at the event.
“We are very optimistic about Bangladesh’s immense market potential for Canon cameras,” says Wrixon Wong, Manager, Consumer Imaging & Information, Products Division, South & Southeast Asia, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd. Having agreed to cooperate with J.A.N. Associates Ltd for every assistance and flexibility, his delegation appreciated J.A.N. Associates’ effort to develop the local market.
This programme was initially planned to be held in a big way but due to the recent cyclonic catastrophe it has been shortened. Abdullah H. Kafi and Canon expressed condolence for the current state of the country and the people affected in the devastating cyclone.

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Staff Reporter (SMAK Hassan)
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